Saturday, November 26, 2011

A New Thing Happening @ BCI

After moving from Durban in June and starting a new page in Pietermaritzburg, I can say it wasn't easy to get the kind of place to worship that i was looking for.picky or choosy, no that's not me, but i was convinced that this town was on the verge of spiritual death and that nothing good could come out of it. After visiting about 2 Churches, i had to just settle for the one that seemed to had a few breaths of life left in it and it was on this Day that i was going for the Second time that i met Zizipho, this young Lady who did not hesitate to start a conversation with me and quickly invite me to Breakthrough Church. My life has never been the same again since then.
I have come to Breakthrough Church at a time When the Senior Pastor (Pastor Russell) is moving and starting to usher his congregation into a whole new realm and anointing of healing. The healing services that started off as being only half full meetings, now have people sitting on the floor (some of the faces are always new) as this has acted as an outreach and a magnet to people. If i go home and think about the healings that have taken place, it feels like a dream, peoples legs being stretched and being the same length, stammerers being healed and the stuttering ceasing immediately, headaches, the list is endless and by no doubt it is the season where God is just pouring out his Spirit to anoint and empower the believers for a time and a Generations such as this.

One Particular manifestation of Gods presence was the youth meeting and some youngsters had Gold Dust on their hands, white feathers and glowing red hands. The Church as a whole has been behind the Pastor as He takes us all into a new dimension thus even my Faith has been exceedingly increased and i call on the things that are not as if they are. ".1 Peter 1vs 12 says ".....Things Angels longed to see" These are those things that we are experiencing that Angels longed to look down and see, that prophets spoke about and the amazing teachings of Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding California have also stirred up a desire to step out and command all sickness and disease to depart from the tormented ones.  the more people are stepping out, the more the testimonies, regardless of age , young men and women, old men and women. its Just amazing.

Youth Half Night of Soaking
I'm writing this blog after attending the Youth Half night of Soaking, a culture that has spread and is gaining favors around the world, having been started also by Bethel Church. Pastor Russel always encourages all the members of Breakthrough Church to soak in God's presence even at home and when Pastor Nina led the half night of Soaking Yesterday, thats what we did most of the night. and in soaking, the words of encouragiement that came out, the prophesies and the healings thereto, made it a night where the spirit of Gos was a multi purpose tool, i mean, it is after all.
Senior associate Pastor Of Bethel says "I am an Open Heaven where Angels ascend and descend". The idea of a person being a heaven on its own is a great revelation that can break or limitations made by the mind and just release you to do the impossible.

I have recently done and completed the per-encounter, encounter camp and post encounter, Right hand of fellowship and simple as some of these lessons may had been, in all of them i walked away with something new that i didn't know before. Breakthrouch Church is a Member of NZMI Churches and is situated in Pietermaritzburg South Africa (Boom Street and West Street).

Brian T Chidarikire